Kayla 2007


She was picture perfect.

Perfect body.

Perfect skin.

Perfect hair.

She danced.

Reached black belt level in karate.

Had all the friends.

Had the rebellious streak.



But come January 21, 2007, all of that didn’t matter anymore. Her slate was erased. Everything she could have been, everything she was, was gone. It didn’t matter anymore everything was wiped away in a second. She was gone before she knew what had even happened.

I found out on Sunday morning. It wasn’t real. It wasn’t supposed to be happening to me. I wasn’t supposed to be the older sibling. I was supposed to stay the middle child. But that wasn’t the case. Now I was oldest. The worst part, I knew this was coming. I had sensed it. I knew something was gonna happen between us. I never knew it would be this.

I remember everything. Everyone says these things blur on by. They lied, only some people are lucky enough to have everything blur on by. I remember everything. Where I was and where everyone was standing around me. I was not lucky enough to have things blur around me.



I was called out to the living room where my mother was, along with Lisa and Rich stood with her. Rich took my 4-year-old brother into the kitchen, and my mother sat me down. I faced the hallway and my aunt sat to my left and that’s when she told me. My sister had died in a car accident the night before. No, she was in a car accident and wasn’t coming home. The dumbass snuck out that night with 3 other people and she had been the only one who died. My mother had to tell me twice. Then she told me to go up and be with my grandmother, who had lived a few houses away from us. I remember I walked outside, the ground was slushy, and it was snowing. My first thought was to run. Run away as far as what I could get. But I didn’t, my family needed me and so I stayed. I walked to my grandmother’s house. She was packing for her foster kids to go away for the week. She kept saying that she was gone. I wandered into my sister’s room as it was left when she left the day before.

We had talked in there as she had packed for her night away at Katelyn’s. I can’t remember what about. I was watching the foster children, while she was away. My grandmother called her the plastic bag lady. The last thing I would ever tell her, Was have fun, and she laughed at me and said she would.

I remember seeing my grandfather and Jean came, they were crying, and all I remember thinking why are you crying? You didn’t know her like I did. They were cutting us away from their perfect life. They would get married the following summer in 2008.

I called my uncle. and I told him over the phone. It took him longer to get there. He lived on the road parallel to where it happened. He was getting himself together before he came up.

I also had to call Devy and tell her. All she could say was that the whole thing was Fucked Up. Which I couldn’t blame her.

The following week was terrible. Dealing with this and the new-found life I would have to try and survive. My sister was gone. Due to someone’s selfish actions. All due to the fact he wanted to have fun and due to him not wanting to get caught.

My sister snuck out with Katelyn so they could party with Austin and another boy whose name escapes me. The three others were stoned and drunk. Kayla was the cleanest out of all three. It’s a shame that she was the one to lose her life over it. She was the wild child but never deserved this. Austin wanted to evade the cops and by doing so, he cost someone their life. We were supposed to grow old together, and raise our children together. That dream was crushed in a second.  It’s awful to lose someone so young with so much potential.  If you’ve lost someone let us remember them forever! We are the only ones who can keep their memories alive!






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